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Carnegie Mellon University computer scientists created the first search engine more than 20 years ago, and nothing has been the same since. It's a story that adds to our rich history: creating AI, self-driving cars and robots that go where humans cannot. Your support has allowed us to fundamentally change the world. SCS isn't just planning for the future — we're creating it. Your gift can help make that possible.

General Scholarship Fund (SCS) General Scholarship Fund (SCS)
Lowers the cost barrier to attending CMU through a pooled, current-use fund for SCS students.
SCS Graduate Education Fellowship Fund SCS Graduate Education Fellowship Fund
Helps SCS to recruit and support talented graduate students who are underrepresented at CMU.
Dean's Innovation Fund (SCS) Dean's Innovation Fund (SCS)
Allows SCS to quickly support exciting new research — from student projects to groundbreaking faculty endeavors.
SCS Outreach Fund SCS Outreach Fund
Empowers SCS efforts to inspire and support kids everywhere, regardless of school district, to have the opportunity to study computer science.
CMU Space Research Fund CMU Space Research Fund
Provides support for student and faculty projects in space exploration and related areas, at SCS and across the university.
TA Support Fund (SCS) TA Support Fund (SCS)
Celebrates the dedication of SCS Teaching Assistants with flexible funding for equipment, projects, and emergencies.

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