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The University Libraries are engaged in creating a 21st century library serving as a cornerstone of world-class research and scholarship. The libraries aim to provide information resources, create infrastructure supporting scholarly communication and provide opportunities for interactive research and study environments. Your support can have a direct impact on reaching these objectives.

Build and Expand Digital Resources Build and Expand Digital Resources
The libraries create digital resources by scanning archival and rare collections; license specialized resources to support campus research; and purchase perpetual access to online journals, electronic books and specialized web resources.
Showcase Research Excellence Showcase Research Excellence
The libraries provide digital infrastructure exposing faculty publications and research to the world. The libraries contribute to author publication charges, thus enabling current faculty research to appear in open access journals and monographs.
Enhance Learning Spaces Enhance Learning Spaces
Learning in the libraries require both individual and group-focused learning environments as well as technology to maximize the learning experience. Technology enhancements range from flat-screen displays to tools for using visualization software.

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